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Alohala Shirt

Aloha Hala Tree


Aloha Beach Club collaboration shirt pays respect to the native Hala tree. Ecologically, this tree supports the native bugs, birds, and the fragile natural web of life on an island struggling to survive battles with invasive species. Culturally, the Hala tree has provided native people with leaves that can be woven into shelter, sea-worthy sails, baskets, mats, jewelry, hats, clothing, caskets, and countless other crafts. The seed of the Hala can even be used as a paint brush. The Hala tree has been cultivating the local creative scene for thousands of years. Hala is growing all over Hawai’i in jungles and in front of Waikiki hotels. This amazing tree reminds us that we naturally have what we need if we reach out and learn from it.

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