Human Pocket Knife


Justin "Scrappers" Morrison is a human pocket knife: handy, helpful, flexible, and sharp.


Justin "Scrappers" Morrison is a human pocket knife; handy, helpful, flexible, and sharp.

Actual Skills: Writer, Art Director, Illustrator, Video Editor, Producer, Driftwood Fort Builder, Very Good Swimmer, and File Management.

Locations: Born on Vancouver Island B.C. Canada. Raised in Los Angeles county. College Educated in Pasadena, Humboldt county, and Portland Oregon. Lived on the island of Maui in Hawai’i. Fixing up and old house, raising a son named Camper, and loving life in Oregon. Passport is up to date and I’m ready to hop on a plane, boat, train, car, bicycle, skateboard, surfboard, or hiking boots at anytime.


IG: @scrappers

Work History:

North (Ad Agency) // Creative Worker (Video Editor, Copy Writer, Art Director, Illustrator, Handy Man, Wood Worker, Conference Call Joke Cracker, and Birthday Card Maker.)
Since Spring 2015 till today, I’ve been showing up to make love not ads for Hydroflask, Granite Gear, Gregory backpacks, Stanley, a couple Craft Beer clients, and all the other brands who care to work with the nicest ad agency in Portland.

Stay Wild Magazine // Main Helper (Publisher, Writer, Editor, Producer, Camera Handler, Art Director, Editorial Designer, Ad Sales, Social Media Manager, Illustrator, and Distribution)
Since Spring 2014 till today, I’ve been doing everything I can to serve adventure stories. I believe these types of stories define each of us and make the human experience on this planet more important than going through the checkout stand on our way to bed after working a 9-5 file management office job.

The Portland Mercury (Newspaper) // Art Director
I laid out the best altweekly in Portland Oregon every week for 7 years. Had a lot of fun and won a lot of design awards.

Mauitime (Newspaper) // Art Director & Production Manager
I worked at a small weekly newspaper on the Hawaiian Island of Maui one year. I learned the deeper meaning of Aloha.

Wieden & Kennedy (Ad Agency) // Student & Perma-lance Office Gnome
After surviving the 3rd year of their experimental school (Jelly’s WK12) I hid behind office plants and put my heart into working on their pro-bono clients (Travel Oregon & The American Indian College Fund). Kicking and screaming, I did get pulled into working on Nike, Starbucks, Target, and Coke.

Grass Hut (Gallery, Shop, and Art Studio0 // Owner, Curator, and Artist
Bwana Spoons and a lot of other friends made art, toys, and dream come true with me for a couple years.

Icicle Seafoods (Fish Factory) // Fish Gutter
When I was 18, I pulled the guts out of salmon for 15-20 hour long days in Homer, Alaska. I don’t want to talk about how it made me crazy.

Restaurant Stuff // Dishwasher
I washed dishes at Denny’s, a sushi place in the Redwoods, and a burrito shop. It was dead end work, but I busted my ass doing it and learned humility.

Los Angeles Zoo // Character
One hot teenage summer I danced around in a purple dinosaur costume for the amusement of children and exhausted adults. I only did it for 3 days, but it’s important to know that I did it. I puked in the costume the last day on the job.

A Pet Shop // Cage Cleaner
My 1st job was walking the apartment manager’s dog for $2.50 a day. I tried walking it 3 times one day. Naturally, my ambition landed me a real job down the block at the local pet shop cleaning up poop for all sorts of exotic animals.